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There was once a woman

This is the year of the great love revolution !
So let us wake up and remember who we truly are.

Welcome, welcome. Come on in and make yourself comfy.

She Who Finds Gold is the divine in me that recognises the magnificent light of the divine within you. That beautiful energy which shines from the centre of everything.

Hello you, whose light shimmers with knowing. You, me, everything, we’re all magnificent and yet, we so often forget.

I forget. And then life becomes smaller, harder, darker and altogether less soulful.

So right here, right now, I invite you to place your hand upon your heart and shut your eyes. Take a deep breath or two of remembering. As you breathe out, make a bigger space within this moment to relax into your truth, your beauty, your divinity.
Ummm – can you feel that?

Sometimes I’m really dancing in the awareness of this truth, and sometimes, I’m dancing the dance of “she who forgets.”

The 13 shamanic stories in my book, “There was once a Woman”, tell of this dance between the mundane and the extraordinary, the dance of light and shadow, the dance of remembering and forgetting. With this book I hold my hand out to you, so that together we may cross the threshold of our collective dreaming.

Please, come taste the feast of succulent words and juicy vibrant colour. Let them nourish your natural soul. Savour the fragrance of innocence blossoming, safe in the hands of self responsibility.

These stories are an invitation to journey into your own truth. They will not tell you what to do or how to think. But they will call you out to play in the forgotten garden of your magical self and remind you to “let life tickle you at every opportunity”.