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About Manda

Manda ClementsManda Clements, now in her early 50's and living in West Wales, feels that her main job has been to identify what she loves.

She loves colour, she loves to play creatively, she loves to dance and sing, she loves being outside in all weathers, she loves her partner and children a lot.

She loves to cook delicious food and share it with family and friends, she loves to find her own natural rhythms and flow with them, she loves giggling and she loves sharing deep, throbbing truth.

She loves birdsong and the peace to appreciate it.

She loves creating circles for healing and empowerment.

She loves the magical Gnomes she shares her home with.

She loves the sound of children's play.

She loves reading adventures of magic and mystery.

She loves to dream of life beyond fear.

She loves the feel of her dogs ears, and she loves to open her sock drawer and find her favourite ones there, ready to put on.