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There was once a woman


Manda ClementsThere was once a Woman...
13 Shamanic Stories
by Manda Clements

£16.99 p&p free to mainland uk.

WOW! Think what it would be like if we all fully embraced being the heroines and heroes of our own stories. Brave souls, journeying through the inner landscapes of our own tender, vulnerable wounds. Courting the assistance of our own magnificence and remembering to let life tickle us at every opportunity.

Of course we all are the heroines and heroes.

Life is the adventure and the giants and goblins we met along the way are the grit that creates the pearl.

Our stories matter. They are the telling of our innocence, original sense, incarnating into physical life, to experience this beautiful planet. Our stories are creating our shape. By owning our stories, we place our vulnerability into the powerful hands of self responsibility.

Shamanic journeying is a fabulous tool to ride through those inner landscapes. The delicious wisdom, fragrant with truth, served up in simplicity, with a flourish of joy, is the flavour I’ve savoured there again and again. But how can it be a feast if it serves only one? And so I’ve painted these journeys in words and colour and call you out to play in the wild garden of our natural souls. There I will show you the most precious of places. They are the created I’ve left, into which I invite you to weave the threads of your own stories. The cloth created tells of the big adventure. The wandering fool, that’s being welcomed home, into the outstretched arms of their own divinity.

Manda Clements

Mandas first book, "There was once a Woman...", 13 Shamanic Stories, is now available to buy online via PayPal. This book is the fruit of Mandas' own personal journey of becoming, through her many years as a woman, artist, healer and group facilitator.

High quality, frameable prints of the original paintings featured in the book are also available to buy in various sizes, please visit the Prints and Cards page for details and purchase. A series of greetings cards based on the 13 stories are also available, which also can be viewed and purchased on the Prints and Cards page. Free p&p mainland UK.